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MOD Help needed with return

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I ordered "As is" Set of 2 illuminated ceramic gingerbread houses item # H226332 on 11/07. They arrived 11/14 and when I took them out of the box I saw the corner on one house was broken off, so I immediately repackaged, printed a return label and dropped off at the post office 11/17. As you can see under "track your return" in the order info, this package was accepted and departed facility on 11/17. 11/18 it states "container unload" at my city.

What does that even mean? I understand there has been delays in returns, but the last scan on this item was almost a month ago in my home city.

Did this get lost at the post office? I usually always get a "your return is on the way" email when I send something back and I never received one for this package...

How long do I need to wait to get my return refunded?


Thank you for your assistance!





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Re: MOD Help needed with return

Contact by email. When I contact them they immediately issue the refund. Good luck!