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I recently a $1,700 Lazyboy chair from QVC.The delivery was horrible. I waited from 1-5 and they were a no show. When I called they said the driver was told it would be a 45 minute wait and he didn't have time to wait. No one called me and I found out when I finaly got through to someone at 7pm at night. Then they promised to come the following Monday which I said would be good since I was out of town guests since my husband passed away. I cam back on the Friday before it was to be delivered and found it dumped by my front door. The box was damaged on all sides and ripped open. I finaly got someone to bring it into the house for me and put it together and the remote will not stay shut. I tried calling QVC and they referred me back to Lazyboy. I have been purchaisng from QVC for over 20 years and this is the worst service I have ever received.
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@HOVE We're so sorry to hear you had that experience. Please e-mail us your account information to and we will be happy to help.

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Yep, I feel your pain.

A few weeks ago they had the Serta Mattresses for Special Value/

Well the host said "they are like the hotel luxury ones, when you come into your room after a long day amd lay down, you say ahhhh".

So I purchased 2.. What an idiot.


I should have kept the old ones that were far more comfortable.

I have been purchasing mattress toppers ever since trying to make these work..

So far, no good.

I too had to wait with delivery problems, so I can imagine what I will go through trying to return these bumpy things////

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I bought a lazyboy from HSN with no problems.  Delivery was great.  The delivery people called and set up a date and time and then called when they were on their way.  I would certainly do it again without hesitation.