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During this transitional time I have to give kudos to QVC for the quick deliveries and returns I have been experiencing since January. I think this is the most efficient service I can remember in close to thirty years. 


Now if you could just give a refresher course on professional presentation to some of the older hosts who seem to have forgotten and tighten up your new host training practices you might have a good chance to retain the over 50 women you say you want to target. Jayne B., Leah, Pat and Mary Beth are exemplary.


I have stayed with your company because shopping in person is no longer an option for me and sometimes the pictures on other websites can be misleading when buying fashion which is my main area of purchase. Seeing the material and color of an item on the screen up close and how the item looks on a model is very helpful.


i hope you can right the ship by bringing back professional presentations with pertinent information that potential buyers are seeking.

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I need to add a compliment here too. I began an Easy Return on Feb 27 with the Easy Return email and mailed my return item that same day. I was fully prepared for the big wait and the big hassle of phone calls and emails.  Here it is only 4 days later and I just received an email that my refund has been processed and issued to my credit card.  Such an improvement over the weeks long wait for a refund.  My deliveries have been faster too.  I'm just as shocked at the Dan/Carolyn thing as the rest of you, but someone in Q's CS dept. is doing a great job.  Nicely done's a baby step, but it"s a step in the right direction.

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Very well said, @nevergivesup.