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I purchased a KG top from the Q recently.  I always check the specific garment measurements to make sure I order the correct size.  I checked and I ordered.  The top was too small, so I measured it.  The top I received was 4 inches smaller that the stated measurements online.  I returned it.  Fast forward a few weeks, the top went on sale, so I ordered it again in a larger size.  This top was even smaller than the first top.


I wanted to know who was responsible for quality, KG or QVC.  My intention was to let them know about this.  I went to KG's website to find a mailing address.  There was a contact form and I filled it out today.  Within an hour I received an email back asking me detailed questions.  She has since emailed me 3 more times.  She hasn't come right out and said it, but I believe this is a KG issue.  She is going to contact their manufacturer  of the top in question. 


I don't know if all of this will do any good, but I was very surprised/impressed at the responsiveness of KG staff.

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@Travone.  It was good of you to take the time to pursue this issue.  They have no ways of knowing there's a problem if people don't let them know.  I'm sure others have had the same experience.


QVC has always claimed to have quality control but, with their thousands of items, they would have to be random spot checks.  Fortunately this doesn't happen often.

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Re: Kim Gravel Website

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Many years ago I had a problem with one of Kim Gravel's make-up items.  I popped her a note on her site and got an immediate response from her friend Amy.  She replaced the item and even sent me a few additional items as a gesture of good will.  A couple of weeks later,  kim followed up to see if all was well.  I've never contacted any company/vendor with an issue and was impressed by their quick, professional and personal response.   

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I ordered a $225 Topaz bracelet from the Q. The color shown on air was a rich, brandy color. The stones I received were a watery, pale brown. I sent a message to Michelle Lau 

on Facebook. She was very nice and apologized that I was so disappointed.

Of course I got a full refund but, said a lot about Q quality.

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what is the Kim Gravel website?  I would like to send her a request for more Petite in tops like sweaters and knit tops.

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