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Image Coming Soon

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There are so many "Image Coming Soon" in which no image ever comes. 

You're losing money when this happens. Customers don't choose those items. Those colors not shown just sit there while the other colors sell out and you're left with unsold stock. It also makes the shopping experience frustrating. 

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I feel your frustration with this issue.  I have passed on ordering many items because there was no image.  Since customers are buying QVC products off the TV, the only way we can decided if we want them is to actually SEE THEM.  Reading the description doesn't cut it - especially with clothes.


I like to browse the 'as is' clothing or search by the lowest price first, and many, many times there are no images of these products to help me see if I like them. In those cases, I just pass on the item.  I'm not going to take the time to search out the taped presentation on the original item, etc.  The "C" in QVC is supposed to stand for Convenience i.e. seeing the item right away and making it easy for the customer to purchase.


I agree with your post.  :-)