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How long to wait before contacting CS?

I've placed many orders with QVC over the last few months, all but 2 have arrived.  Both were placed early/mid-July, have been marked as shipped, but both have been sitting at the UPS facility in La Vergne, TN since July 20th. 


I know CS is swamped with issues right now so I don't want to add to their load but how long is "long enough" that a package should not just be sitting in a sorting facility?  I've gotten everything else from the same orders and every order I've placed since's just those 2 packages that haven't moved.  When something like this happened pre-Covid, the packages never showed up at my house and CS issued a replacement.  Have I waited long enough or am I just being impatient lol?

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Re: How long to wait before contacting CS?

@sfins Best to send them an email at:


Give them all information, they are very helpful.