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Help with package stuck in transit

Hi, I ordered two of the same item, K44726.  I have already received one set but the other has been stuck in transit:


Dec 17
11:48 AM
West Columbia, SC, United States
Package is in transit to a ups facility
Dec 17
10:21 AM
United States
Order processed: ready for ups


Can someone please help? This is to be a Christmas present.

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Re: Help with package stuck in transit

This is run of the mill for UPS. It could be it is on its way to your home for delivery mon or tuesday.  So many times items sit at a transport center for days it seems and them

n it is at your doorstep. Sometimes not.  I have had r

trouble with overnight items I place with Nordie.  Have had the majority delivered in 2 days. Then a few have taken a week, due to fed ex or UPS. I had to call, wait 40 mins on phone, and nordie refunded my 20 bucks.  Even amazon has been taking forever.  I get items next day or up to 5 days for prime.  Its a toss


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Re: Help with package stuck in transit

Welcome to the world of shipping at Christmas.  Orders that were supposed to come by Dec. 24 are moving along when tracked.  Ones that are to be here by Dec. 26 have been doing I don’t know what in CA for days now. Maybe give a picture of what is coming.



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Re: Help with package stuck in transit

Hi @MamatoLexi 


Welcome to our Communtiy Forums. I am sorry that one of your pressure cookers has not had any updated tracking. I would be happy to send a replacement but I do not think it will get there in time for Christmas. I am sorry. Would you still like me to send one or would you prefer a refund?



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