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I was wondering if QVC is going to give credit for every $50.00 you spend on a gift card like they did last year?

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I stopped buying these a few years back,

My mom really enjoyed the Q, while alive and I figured she could really pick out something special for herself, that we may not have known she wanted.

You know how parents can be "I don't need anything"

Well, sadly my mom died and as I was going through her belongings one day, I found that she had stored many of these gift cards in a little box she had.

Over the years, they did add up, so I phoned the Q and inquired.

Never again would I ever buy another one.

I had to jump through hoops like a circus animal.

Despite being the one who purchased them for her.

Death certificate, SS, I mean you name it, everything but my first born child they had to have proof of.....

After that, no thank you but I still wonder, what did happen to those gift cards?

Did someone have a Merry Profitable Christmas, on me?

I wish you luck and get the answer to your question,,

Have a wonderful holiday!

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i usually buy my physical QVC gift cards from the post office.

i would love it if they did the gift card bonus offer this year on the website.

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