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Hi Everyone. We’re sorry to see that some of you have been having intermittent issues browsing and posting the Community.  We’ve reported the issue to our IT team to research further.


Q-Social Team 

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thank you @Susan-QVC !


slow loading


unable to "heart" at times


keep getting signed out quickly (sometimes when switching forum topics)


grey bar keeps appearing


pages wont load


using a windows laptop with firefox and microsoft edge.

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If QVC is going to shut it down, it would be kinder to not string us on for so long.  Just saying 😢

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this is the first time I could get in here since yesterday morning where I was in for only five minutes before being booted out and then it said processing, this morning too.

QVC Customer Care
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@Sunshine45   Thanks so much for the additional info, we will make them aware.  We feel your pain, we are having the same issues, especially today. 


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I get processing your request with a scrolling bar.  Thank you for looking into these matters.

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Good Luck !

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Kind of scary that they don't seem to know much about it. You'd think when the mods see virtually no activity for the whole morning, they'd wonder what's going on. 

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Thank you, Susan

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It's much better here today.  Yesterday was trying; I guess it was just a rough patch.