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Re: Customer Service Issues 2020

I ordered an item (for Mother’s Day) on April 11 and it was quite important to me to get her something to make this time a bit more bearable. As of May 16, the order is still IN PROCESS.
I emailed twice about shipping and to see if the price could be adjusted as the item has since been reduced AND as of May 16, the order is still in process and got an email saying contact them if I didn’t receive the item by May 8th....but there is no one to contact/speak with. You send an email and then get an email saying we’ll get back to you when we can. It’s been over a week.
We all have increased our online shopping and in all honesty, QVC has had the WORST customer service and shipping during this time. Flexibility should be paramount as people are literally trying to survive at this time, but I’ve ordered items from literally across the globe and they’ve already arrived and provided better customer service/basic communication. Really a shame.
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Re: Customer Service Issues 2020

I was on hold today trying to get thru to CS for a very long time.

I finally gave up sent an email..If all my current items ever show up, I will wait a bit to order anything again..I understand the current issues, but all the other places I order from seem to get things here just fine..

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Re: Customer Service Issues 2020

What gets me is that they are able to have hosts on air selling everyday as if nothing in the world has changed, but, can't have their customer service employees available. I currently have a problem with 4 orders I placed before this pandemic hit. 2 of them are still "processing" and can't be cancelled and the other 2 are returns that tracking shows they have been delivered, but, ,QVC has not issued a refund to me. 


They want your money coming in, but, after that , if there is a problem, you are stuck!


The mods here on these boards are in over their heads trying to resolve problems, if you ask me. The solution is that WE ALL STOP BUYING.

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Re: Customer Service Issues 2020

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"Maybe we should stop ordering..."  That is exactly what I have done.  I got tired of the inprocess too.  If I can buy on Amazon or another website, that's where I go now. 


I just got really great delivery service from Target, who knew I could order online.  Same for Costco, they say upfront deliver is extened out, fine, for toilet paper I'm willing to wait.  30 Rolls showed up this Wednesday.🥳



Toliet paper is in abundance at the stores now, don't pay premium for it.

Walmart, cheap stores, groceries all have it back in stock now.


the latest shortage thing is meat and freezers. I don't have trouble on the meat front, course, I'm in Tx. land of the cow it is expensive, though.

I haven't seen toilet paper at our Grocery for 8 weeks!  I already had inventory but decided to buy for next fall.


The TP I just got from Costo is a great deal, it was not inflated at all and there was no delivery charge.  I have a business that uses TP and Costco is always the best and cheapest.  30 Big rolls 425 sheets of two-ply, not fluff.