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I understand that there are issues right now due to the virus, however after ordering online from various companies for the past 6 weeks, I find it hard to understand why only one company has been processing an order for 2 weeks. And yes, it's the order I placed with the Q on 5/3 and is still in process. It's a simple outfit from Cuddl Duds. Hubby and I have ordered multiple items from other sources and have received them all within 5 to 7 days. Just saying....

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Shipping has become a huge issue again, the sheet set that was the TSV two weeks ago has not yet shipped. I thought they had the issue solved but is seems we are back in the same place

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@jannabelle1    You'll have to ask Mr. Mike George, Qurate CEO, for an explanation.  No one else seems to be able or willing to provide one.  As usual, Q's lines of communication on this and the CS issue have slammed firmly shut.  So your guess is as good as anyone else's.

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I ordered the Clarks TSV on 4/21 and received it on 5/14,  23 days.  That's a very long time.  There are a couple of items I ordered 2 weeks ago that are still in process that are now sold out, I wonder if I will ever receive them.  I do understand some delays due to the virus but items ordered from other sources are generally received quickly.