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How can I get the screens that pop up with the discounts if I sign up for this or that orthe Texts, which I don't want to just GO AWAY? 



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@Puzzle Piece - If you find a solution, please let the rest of us know!  I haven't figured out a way and I also find them annoying.


Just like the ones that pop out from the side of the screen with some item saying "Going fast...!"

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@Puzzle Piece    I doubt there's a way.  I still get emails and popups from national chains where maybe I bought one item a decade ago!  I'm not shopping massively with QVC now either, but it's the only retail that appears every month of the year on my credit card.  I just click them away.  Refuse to waste my emotional energy getting irritated!

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@Puzzle Piece 


YES, there IS a way!


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Likewise! I hate that pop-up.

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I click on the X to remove as don't want to view the item or put it in my cart and nothing happens!  25 shoppers have this item in tbeir cart.....This is the only site I  have an issue.


What is irritating it takes up so much room that I can't scroll to see the items. I would think it would cause a loss of a sale as I have gone to another section or left.I think it is a Q Web issue?