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Since latest app update, sign in is different screen and no longer recognizes my security sign in on my  phone using fingerprint.   Have to type in password every time.   After that I returns me to a sign in screen.  I have to click home and then go to My Account again.  Same issue with app on tablet.  Returns to a sign in screen and have to go to home and then return to My Account.   Very annoying when I want to check order status. Is this something developers are aware of?

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     Hi @LoraR .

I use both the app and this website, and I got that new sign in screen on the app yesterday after I cleared cookies. The app remembers my name, but I've always had to type in my password if I want access to my account.


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You're  using the QVC app?  I've always found it ponderous to use so deleted it early on and use with no problems.  I see no advantages in using the app.

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