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Hoping you can clarify; I ordered two sets of Homeworx Candles today.  On air they did not say it was an Advance order but my order status says it is an advance order.  I don't need them and would prefer them to ship later when it is cooler to ship (prevent melted wax) but on air it did not state Advance order.  Can you confirm it is truly an Advance Order?  Item # H223600

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Homeworks are the Harry Slatkin candles ,right?  (I'm in a brain fog  lately. )


Harry does not ship in summer,if I remember correctly. 


So yes, advance order is correct.


If I am wrong someone will correct


Enjoy your candles  <3

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In the past they shipped in September.  I received a order 2 weeks ago and i have a order i am waiting on.