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~ what a way to start the new year ~

I live in a condo and park my Toyota 4-Runner in the parking lot, like everyone else. This morning I went out about 8:45 AM only to find that sometime during the night someone had really plowed into my car. The whole left side and back bumper were mashed in, with the bumper barely hanging there. Underneath was a pile of metal mechanical pieces that had fallen off the undercarriage. I could hardly believe someone would do so much damage and not leave a note. I first filed a report with the police; when he came he said there is no way the other car is not damaged with the damage it did to my 4-Runner. Then I called my insurance company, the car company where I got it who was sending out a tow truck to take it to the auto body shop they use, and then I had to get a rental car. So far, the tow truck has not come and I have a feeling they're closed til Monday. What a hassle and I'm pooped both from the stress of this and the work involved in getting things on the right track.

What kind of people are out there that don't leave a note? The police officer said it was a hit and run. I've taken such good care of that car because it has to last me a long time, and now this. I do have good insurance, but still I wonder what this all will cost me.