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I had a front loader that smelled because of the way it held water after a cycle.   I used a lot more bleach when I had that washer.   


I have a top loader now, and have learned a lot of the smell comes from water pooling in the drain hose.   I treat this the same way I treat smelly house drains, by pouring peroxide into the hose.

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when it came time for me to replace my washer and dryer and went for a top loader.  I did research and found nothing but problems with those front loaders.  Being only 5ft nothing I did wind up having to buy a small fold up stool to use to reach the bottom of the bin.  the appliance guy told me Samsung makes a good fridge but not a washer and dryer.  I wound up with an LG and I love them  i do their recommended bleach wash after so many loads and no problems.  The front loaders look cool but nope too many smelly issues. 

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I would never buy a front loader, no way. I let my top loader totally dry out before I close the lid after using. 

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Water does collect in the bottom rubber thing -- don't know what it's called  - that goes around the door.  Each time I am done washing, I take paper towels and wipe all around inside that rubber thing unti it is all dry.  I buy the packets of stuff to use once a month to run through a wash cycle to clean it out.  As another person wrote, if I am going to use bleach on any loads, I do those last.  Also, I leave the washer door open all the time.  This really takes care of it.  

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Lipstick diva is absolutely correct.  My DIL has a Samsung and had the same problem.  Numerous repair people came out and not one of them pointed out the drain system.  Very easy to maintain and the smell is gone.  Don't know if they put manuals in these machines, but worth taking a few minutes to read if you get one.

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My friend had a Samsung top loader, and it had an issue, she couldnt even find a repairman who was willing to work on it, had to get a new washer, but she was glad she did.