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I've had a few front loading and never had that issue.  I always leave it open a crack after doing laundry and I always do the whites as the last load using bleach, maybe that sanitizes and helps with odor control. I do think the front loaders get the clothes cleaner (from my experience using both).

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I was looking at a video on how to clean items. I saw pictures of the seal around the front door of a washer. There was lots of black mold that formed in the folds of the seal from the water sitting in the seal. It did not mention the brand of washer.  


But I don't get it. Go to any laundromat and it is all front loading washing machines. And I never saw mold or smelled any foul smell. Next time I have to wash sleeping bags or quilts I will ask the owner if he does anything special.

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Re: washer issue

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I have a Samsung front loader washer.  On the front of my washer, at the bottom on the left hand side there is a small door that lifts up.  Inside there is a cylinder and a hose. That has to be cleaned out periodically or the washer will start to smell terribly.  That cylinder is a filter and catches dirt and debris and will get moldy because it stays wet.  It's plastic so I just rinse it off and it's good.

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I have a Samsung front loader washer and dryer. I dry the inside out with a microfiber towel when I'm done using it. I also dry the pull out tray. You have to dry the gasket around the door seal. Mold can grow there. I use those Affresh tablets when I run it on the Pure Cycle. I will use some diluted bleach and run it thru a quick cycle if I've done a load of really dirty, grimy clothes from outside projects. I use the Bio Cleaner spray on most everything that has a mold issue. This might work. 

Do you drain the hose when your're finished? I also remove that plug cap and let that air out . If there's water in it then I put a microbiber wash cloth in it and let it sit overnight. Remove it the next day and it's dry and put the plug back in. 

This is what has worked for me. Hope it helps. 

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I have a 4 year old LG top loader and have had no issues but we can leave the door open. 


I would never go back to a top loader.  This washer doesn't wad up the clothes, washes bigger loads and washes then great and I don't have to dig clothes out of it.


It has made washing so much easier! 

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@Riley1 wrote:

@crazered  - Have you tried drying under the rubber gasket than runs around where the door closes? And, pull out the detergent drawer and dry that as well.


I had this problem as well and to soap & water with a rag and soft brush and cleaned under this rubber ring thing. Now, I leave both the door and drawer open when I am done. It seemed to solve the problem. 


Still prefer a top loader, however, my laundry room is small so had to do the front loader.

yes thats what i was trying to say  lol the rubber gasket thing.

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I never had this issue with my front loader. I keep the door open. I dry the rubber membrane well when done washing. I also remove the soap tray from the washer and dry that area. I leave it out of the washer. Once a month a put a cup of bleach in and run a hot wash. I never ever had a smell. I love I can throw my king blankets in and not go to laundry mat. 

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My 15 year old Kenmore front load has never had a smell. Once a month I run a cycle called CLEAN WASHER which is a 50 minute intense wash using hot water and bleach to clean out the drum and all the parts.  I think this has kept my washer clean and fresh.  I also of course keep the door open wide and keep the detergent tray out between washes.

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@crazered  I do use a small (~ 3 x 5) sponge to soak up any risidual water laying at the bottom between the large rubber gaskets that are around the opening. Like you, I also leave the door open a little and I don't have an odor problem. 


My next washer will be a top loader. 

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I only buy top-loading washing machines - and never had an odor problem.