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so there are about 15 (i think) of us ladies, going on a road trip to Texas. Supposed to be the premiere weekend of shopping, they call it trade days.  Excited!

  I will be in a car with 2 or 3 other ladies, and am thinking of offering to bring the snacks.  

  don't know if they will want to do a sit down on the way (4 hour trip) or fast food. (blech, my least favorite) however i will not complain, and go with the flow.  maybe we will just wait till we get there, and hook up with the others for a meal.   

when you're snacking on the road  what kinds of things do you like to bring? 

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when the drive is 4 hours or less, i generally only want water.

i dont want to have to stop to eat or use the facilities.

i just want to get there and usually eat at my destination.


occasionally i will do a mcdonalds fry and a diet coke when i start off, but not often.

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I like cut up bell peppers, pickles, cucumbers, things like that.  Mixed nuts are good for protien, maybe heathy popcorn they sell premade.  Turkey or lettuce roll ups are good too.

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@kittyloo   Which Trade Days Market are you going to?


If there is room for a small cooler I suggest you definitely bring a few bottles of water.  I'm not a fan of plastic bottled water but if there is no room for a small cooler some bottle water would be prudent.


Snacks-I'd stick with some fruit (grapes are easy to handle, filling, and provide some hydration).  Apple and orange slices-you do not need refrigeration and you can always make a "pit stop" to slice them up while taking in a rest area.


I'd stay away from salty snacks.


A four hour drive - chances are a stop or two will be needed.  Stay with hydration especially.  Rest areas along the way usually have vending machines so that can be an option for those who want some candy and such.

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Nothing with crumbs (especially if in someone else's car) or that makes your fingers icky.

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blue cheese stuffed dates & celery & carrott sticks . I Rasins, cranberries , dates, almonds . always travel with a small cooler - with drinks or to keep a snack cold

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I rarely snack in the car but occasionally I bring along one of those small round cheeses with the the red waxy coating.  The brand name is escaping me.

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I like Twizzlers and Pringle’s and Tootsie Pops on a road trip.
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@tansy wrote:

I rarely snack in the car but occasionally I bring along one of those small round cheeses with the the red waxy coating.  The brand name is escaping me.

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Better check with the driver.  Many people don't like others eating in their car.  It would never occur to me that snacks were necessary on a 4 hour trip.  A bottle of water would be all I'd want.

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