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@shoekitty  agree with you statements. I do believe Joahn and yoko loved eachother a lot. And no band lasts forever. The 4 were so yound when they started. and to reach that international megastardom, to the likes that had never been seen before, was amazing. 

Most of my  favorite songs are interestingly enough from their solo efforts. 

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Love that song!




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Re: one of John

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That picture of him is so perfect....thoughtful, wistful, young and handsome.  


Having grown up with the Beatles and seeing them in 1963, I was mad about them individually.  


As to John, I was disappointed to read about his behavior towards his first wife Cynthia and son Julian.   At worst he was cruel, at best he was indifferent.  Not sure how much truth there was to it. 


This is why I never want to know too much about people I admire from afar.  It changes my views of them, and I'd rather just love them as I see them, knowing they are likely imperfect.



Ultimately, it seemed John loved Yoko and they were devoted to each other and happy.  


Without question he was talented, but I never understood the crazy stuff he and Yoko created together -- or her alone.


Just not my cup of tea!




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@NicksmomESQ wrote:

  Lennon & McCartney, IMO the greatest songwriting team ever!! The stuff they write today doesn’t even come close!!


Truer words were never spoken.  They were geniuses who hit fame at just the right time.  Their music will live forever.


I don't know and never did care about their personal lives.  Very few geniuses were models of propriety.

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He was a brilliant song writer and agreed, Lennon and McCartney the best song writer duo only rivaled by Elton John and his songwriter.