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i am in the process of filing the claim.  just waiting for my agent to call me.


the fridge had been cleaned by a maid service and it was not in an area that they used to sell drugs.  it is really clean.i plan to steam clean it again.


i eally don't know it they sed meth or not.  but i think they may have done so.

Remarkable that they didn’t trash the fridge since they trashed the entire house.....


Good point.  I would assume that a fridge takes quite a lot of abuse in a house filled with people like the ones that have been described to us here.  Yet somehow it just needed a regular cleaning, and now looks as good as new.

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@deepwaterdotter  Not the same poster; just similar stories that change mid-stream. Doesn't write in the angry, nasty manner. Didn't think we'd run into another!!

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