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my small 864 sq ft home sits on a 1/2 acre and you bet thati am being hounded by developers to buy my hme.  they don't want the house, but the land.  they think taht they can build 10 homes on my lot.


all the homes on the street are the same and when homes have up for sale, we have had realtors subdivide the lots into 1/4 acre and then keep the back lot to sell at a later date.

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i am also afraid that the city will try and take my home and the other homes on the street to sell the land for low income housing.  just think how much more 10 homes on each 1/2 acre lot would bring in then just one home in terms of taxes.

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@software wrote:

Many homeless are just that for a reason.

They don't want to assimilate.   It's their choice.


Some have fallen on hard times but I don't want my city taking care of them.

There are many charities in my town that step up.

Homeless shelters, soup kitchen, child care, transition assistance.

Support the charities with your time & money.


Why is the government obligated to fix it?

That's not the purpose of government.






You can blame it all on people not wanting to "assimilate", but it's much morre complicated than that.


Some time around the 1980s is when the problem increased dramatically.  People who were mentally unstable were either hospitalized or institutionalized and

put on any of a variety of types of new medicines on the market that helped stabilize them rather quickly.


In a relatively short time, they became stable and functional again .... and the law required they be released back into society again .... with the assumption that they would keep taking their meds ......  fingers crossed.


Unfortunately, out in the real world, they may not have had anyone to see that they stayed on their meds ....   and soon enough, they were wandering around, off their meds, not functional .... a vicious circle.


Are there people who were raised in a family but now suddenly don't want to "assimilate"?  Sure, but there are reasons that need to be addressed .... usually medical or psychological problems that don't get addressed. 


Civil rights issues come into play when people try to force people into something they don't want any part of.  Unless they have broken some laws, the only thing they may be guilty of is tresspassing.   

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@shortbreadlover wrote:

i am also afraid that the city will try and take my home and the other homes on the street to sell the land for low income housing.  just think how much more 10 homes on each 1/2 acre lot would bring in then just one home in terms of taxes.

Are you fearful that you may become one of the homeless?

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@ID2 wrote:

Everyone is in charge of their own life. If they choose to become homeless then so be it. Get a job, even if it pays minimally, and make money.Sorry I can't find it in myself to pity those who chose where they are now.


Are you saying that all homeless people (or even most) have made a choice to live that way?


Circumstances beyond control have put many, many people on the streets, and getting a job is not always easy nor does a minimum-wage job pay enough to live on in many cities and towns even in the most basic way.  Many homeless people have been through trauma, are mentally ill, have physical limitations, etc, which makes it even less likely that they would be able to even apply for a job, let alone get hired.


I have counseled women who grabbed their children and fled abusive husbands, leaving behind everything.  Some of them lived on the streets while they looked for work or trained for jobs that would enable them to keep their kids with them and together.  Some lived in their cars or slept on the couches of friends until the friends tired of having them there.  And I have counseled men who went thru trauma, and ended up homeless.  These were men who had good jobs, full lives, were successful - until it all fell apart.  There are so many more examples.  Most people do not choose to be homeless.  Many are homeless temporarily while they do all they can to put their lives back together and become self-sufficient.  And many, many never thought they would be living on the street, nor do they want to be there.


"Everyone is in charge of their own life" sounds lovely, but the reality is that it's only true up to a point.  Things happen all the time that are out of our control, and sometimes those things can be life-changing in ways we never imagined.  

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Pretty sure 10 homes wouldn't fit on 1/2 acre lot..

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It is the responsibility of we, the people, who employ the government with our tax dollars to provide for the people of this country in safe,appropriate, humane ways. Don't forget, they work for us. Also, the responsibility of the churches we all support with our offerings, to help the poor. I do not believe anyone chooses to be homeless and it's a cop out for those who are selfish and cruel to think and say such a thing. We have food banks in our rural area and shelters for the homeless and abused mothers and children. None of them are government or church supported.

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Some people do choose to be homeless although I would say a tiny minority......maybe 5%.


But to say "no one" chooses to be homeless is unrealistic.


I don't think it's the government's job to provide for anyone, I think it is the individual's responsibility to provide for themselves and their families....and, when that falls through or the person is unable, the churches should step in along with other caring citizens.


Most people will help someone who is down-and-out.

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A few years ago in a small town nearby they were going to build a retirement community for seniors that were downsizing, or that's what the claim was. The homes were 2,500 square feet and the cost was over $100,000.00 each.

Now my question then was what were they downsizing from? I don't know anyone that could afford that.

They built a couple of homes, and they were going to start on more, but it never happened.

That's just not senior citizen lifestyle around here.

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I don't like to see people that are homeless begging for money. It breaks my heart when I see children and dogs. I don't know how they got here. I have heard that many have mental problems. There are job opportunities and companies are having a tough time filling them  I know that retail stores are in need for Holiday help. If they could get a foot in the door, maybe they would get an opportunity to get off the street. I don't think there is an easy solution to this problem.  It is a very sad and humbling situation. I think you can volunteer but that doesn't get them off the street.