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I am loving seeing QVC behind the scenes workers out on the sets! dressed like elves, being allowed to show off their personalities. great diversity. good job, Q :-))


speaking of good job: at least for me, my orders are generally processed and sent in a timely manner; ditto (rare) returns. and I like the new delivery notifications. wish you could just sign up once for choice of email or text that would cover all deliveries. also like delivery notice when packages arrive. 


and while I'm at it: enjoying Jane with Valerie this morning. first time I've seen her in glasses: looks great! and appreciate a much calmer, respectful interaction with Valerie than last night's (unwatchable) show. 


all in all, pleased. I generally watch only a few shows, and do so on mute. mostly I shop online to avoid the usual complaints. 


and congrats to Jen Coffey!