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I placed a food order to be delivered in early December.  Here it is past mid December and I have not heard from qvc about this order.  I contacted qvc today and was told that my item... there was no guarantee that I would get this by Christmas...


It was a food item I intended to use for Christmas.  How is it that qvc can take future orders and cannot fulfill the order?  Even worse, qvc cannot even contact the customer to let us know that there is a strong possibility that we would not be receiving the item by Christmas.  


How can you do this to customers?

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Other than deciding to use this vendor, delays, in this case, might be out of QVC's hands.  


It also could be QVC oversold, but I'm more inclined to think the vendor couldn't meet the demand for other reasons in time for Christmas.  


The vendor promised deliveries, but it could be increase in Covid-19.  Delays getting food from suppliers could be one reason.  



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I agree with you about notifying customer if there are problems with shipping.  I am still waiting for my wreath and wonder what shape it will be in if I ever get it!


That said, I have orders  placed with other companies who experienced shipping issues and I received an e-mail with as much info as they had with a sincere apology.  


I hesitated in ordering the wreath this year, but did because I have for many years.  I am disappointed with QVC's lack of communication and customer service, if other companies can do it, so could they.

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Re: future orders..,

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@fleen..I ordered a food item on the kept saying in process and expected delivery on the 18th...well, it says expected delivery 1/7/2021...WHAT ????  I went in and canceled the order and now shows Canceled..goofy times we are living in..

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@fleen Just an FYI, it's best to post problems on the Customer Care forum.


However, best is to send an email directly to:


They are GREAT at responding. Give your name, account number, order number and what your concerns are.


Good luck!

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@Love my grandkids @fleen I sent email to social team..they responded that they sent email to team that works with vendors and would get back to me...well they never got back to I canceled....

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This is NOT a normal year and all the complaints act like it should be.  Do shoppers not follow the news?


Our local paper has a headline today that shows USPS has packages stacked to the ceilings in the warehouses, some there since Thanksgiving.


The USPS was damaged this year, and now has many staff out ill.


I am sure that many manufacturing companies have similar challenges.


It is the fault of NOONE, it is a pandemic.  


Nobody can predict when operations will normalize.


I am happy to wait out my order arrivals with patience and good will.  Someday is better than never.


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I placed an order in the Christmas in July. It was to have delivedred the first week of December. I know that there was not any pre auth on the card done at all. I called and each time the CS rep stated it would go out. I emailed the social team and then had E chats. I fiannly was able to get in touch with someone  on the phone at CS. She got the ball rolling and said it would go out. Then the day it was supposed to have been received --I looked at the order and the order was cancelled. So I was told that the customer has cancelled the order--I had fought so hard for this order and that is the lame excuse. I stated that I had not cancelled the order. The CS agent at that time said --too bad. So her here it was less than a week before Christmas and I HAD placed the order in July for a dear friend and her family of over 35 yrs and told --too bad--nothing can be done.

I have had a few orders that were food related with QVC that have had results similar but this one is the worst. One of the CS agents said that I should have placed the order sooner so it could go out--how much earlier can I place it than JULY?

I had to run out and I got a GC to a place that I know that they will like.

What amazes is me in one of the many conversations with CS agents one told me that the vendor was over worked and not shipping anything. Lets say that my husband placed an order with QVC with items from the same vendor and it went out two days later--he placed the order in December.


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Re: future orders..,

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We just received a gift box of fruit and goodies from Harry and David.  From what I understand, the order was placed quite recently.

If I wanted a fresh green wreath, I would order from L.L.Bean.

I recently wanted a last-minute item for my GC, ordered from L.L.Bean, and got a quick delivery.

I did order a couple items from the recent jewelry show, saying they would arrive for Christmas.  They may or may not.

Nothing I need for Christmas.

I do wonder if you can find a business that sells directly to the public, with a good reputation, rather than going through a middleman retailer, if possible.  Not saying it’s the answer, just wondering.