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This is so not your business and it is odd that you would even know this.

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The original post is rather unclear to me, but I get the idea that the estate isn't being divided evenly or maybe grandkids of the deceased son are left out?


At any rate, people are under no obligation to leave their children anything, or to leave equal shares of their estate. In my opinion it is based on what the needs of the children are (is one disabled?) what the relationships have been over the years, and honestly which adult children or grands stepped up to the plate and did all the work of helping, caring for, supporting etc. the elderly person(s).


Inevitably in every family, one child bears the biggest burden of helping with or caring for aging parents, while some of the others do less or nothing at all. 


I see no issue with dividing an estate to meet the needs or to pay back those in the family that did the most for the person, or to help those that might need it the most. I see no reason to second guess when someone leaves a person out totally. We never really know the true dynamics of the story.

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I got lost at the ...there and there.....intersection.

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Each person is entitled to leave whatever they want to whomever they want.  It is their choice period.  


Fairness has nothing to do with it: Fairness is relative because one doesn't know the facts as the bequeathing person knows or feels them.

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@Pooky1 Sorry but because your post is rambling not enough punctuation I can't decipher what you mean.


In any case, it's none of my business so I have no thoughts on what other families do with their property, if that is what you are talking about, but I'm not clear on that.

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It's unkind to criticise another's post. If you don't understand it, no reason to respond.

I, however, did understand it. The person is leaving their house to their only remaining son and his son, their grandson. Nothing to their two daughters or to their other grandchildren.

Perhaps the daughters both have a house and financial security and their son has neither.

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@fthunt wrote:

I got lost at the ...there and there.....intersection.

@fthunt Well at least she gave you something to do today. Your unkind remark is very telling about the kind of person you are.


I'm guessing you are not so perfect, and probably make mistakes too.

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I knew exactly what she was saying,  and so did others ,without leaving a unkind remark.

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@ nearly 65 years old I've learned that MANY people's last wishes do not seem "fair" to an outsider.

In my early days I worked for an attorney and saw adult children fight their parents last wishes in court.

I've seen daughter's receive personal items, but excluded from property and money, "because they married well".

I've seen the favored child get it all.

I've seen the problem child receive nothing after their last parent dies, since they were the child who struggled, and received the most financial help thru the years.

And I've seen children excluded for reasons such as the parents didn't like their son or daughter-in-law.

My farm grandpa's will split the family, and there was years and years of ugliness and hard feelings that siblings took to the grave. As an adult, I feel my Grandpa did the right thing. I was also proud of how my Dad never expressed his thoughts one way or the other, and never took a side.

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@Pooky1 wrote:

just wondering what other people think? i know someone that has 2 sons and 2 daughters but 1 son has past away. and there have  2 grand daughters and 2 grand sons.  1 of the grand son is her sons son. so in there will there house is going to her son and his son.and everyone else gets nothing. what everyones opinion?


I'm sorry, I don't want to sound mean, but, your post is rather hard to follow, due to lack of punctuation, and it's so vague.  

Since, I'd need a lot more information, to make a judgement, and than we never really know what goes on inside families, and NOMB, I'll pass.