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Can anyone tell me where I could purchase Mary Beth Roe's cookbooks from long ago?  They are not available on Amazon.  

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There are some available on Abe Books.  Also on Ebay but more expensive.

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@little missy   Since the cookbook is out of print it is going to be very hard to find. 


Etsy had 2 but they sold out fast.


You might try Ebay.


Also Barnes and Noble has  links to sellers who have out of print books.  You might just find one there.


Good luck.

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There are a few copies on EBay. I searched using her name.


And has some copies (inexpensive ones), if you search using "My Family's Favorites by Mary Beth Roe". It's a great website for finding older or less well-known books. I've bought from them. 



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I buy a lot of used books from Thrift Books and Better World Books and the prices are more than reasonable.  Free shipping in some cases.  I also just discovered a great site called  It's a search site for books and if you put in the title and/or author it searches the world and finds sites that are selling the book you're looking for.


Also, I just found a book I wanted using but didn't want to pay more than $4 for it.  All the prices I found were $16+ elsewhere.  Not only did I find a site that was selling it at my price but the site gave me a $1.88 credit for using bookfinder. com and I paid only $2.99.  Certainly worth a try.  Good luck!  :smileyvery-happy:

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@little missy   I would message her directly.  I'm sure she has boxes of them stored away.  I think she would be flattered to send you one.


Just a thought.




I had something similar years ago, the man opened up his file cabinet and handed it to me.   Doesn't cost you anything to ask.