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Watching Antoinella since she left has made me think twice  I dont think we really knew her  When she started trying to make money a day after by monthly charges to watch her made me jump back  Now the boat thing  Think of all of the things she has done since her  being let go  She owns a huge beautiful house and to go from that to a boat is pretty drastic

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I really miss the hosts that were let go .... their lives were upended with absolutely no time to prepare for the next stage of their lives .... so sad that QVC handles   these staff reductions in this way ... it seems that they have no consideration for loyal workers 😢









QVC is hardly the only company who has let good, dedicated workers go. Workers who have been with the company for many, many years.


I feel for those people.



The QVC sales people probably make well into the six figures, so they are a lot better off than a lot of other people, who were suddenly let go with little to no warning.




So true.  I knew two men who were left go while they were just four years short of retiring and getting their pensions.  They both worked for their respective companies for their entire working years with the anticipation of getting that pension.  That's a real kick in the head.  


One of the men was my former FIL and he had to get a job working in a hospital laundry to help make ends meet.  The other man was luckier because his wife was still working and she made a pretty decent salary.   He was looking for work but he told me how difficult it was to be looking for work when you are over 60.  No one wants to hire you.



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Antonella is on youtube. She has said that her and her husband are selling there home. They want to buy a boat to live on. She is on video.

Gabriella and family sold there home and have left P.A. altogether. She is also on youtube on video with her husband talking about this.

I think this is great. QVC hosts would make amazing lifestyle vloggers. They could probably make a lot more money for a lot less work that way too. Youtube needs more charismatic older vloggers.

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The last 3 days I have been seeing QVC ad at the beginning and every 2 minutes thereafter on every video that I have watched.   I am getting so sick of QVC that I do not even want to do anything to do with it.