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Wrong zip code on packing reciepts

I haven't posted in a very long time, but wanted to let customers know that there is a wrong zip code on the packing receipts that come with your packages.


This could really be a problem if you are chosing to send your items back without using the return label.


The zip code listed for returns is 27801.  that is incorrect.  The correct zip is 27815.


Hope it helps because i'm sure there are many returns floating out there that have never reached QVC.  I did contact them to let them know the error.

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Re: Wrong zip code on packing reciepts

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I wouldn't worry too much about it, but who knows when it involves the postal service, they can return mail even when it is addressed correctly.


USPS lists the zip code for the geographical area of the return center as 27801, the specific QVC building has its own zipcode 27815. I bet it gets to them either way.


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Re: Wrong zip code on packing reciepts

@SherbearTwo  If you post this in the Customer Care forum (Last forum on the left) you will probably get a response from the QVC Social Team here.  That's a fairly recent forum they set up for us onliners for Customer Service issues.   They are very responsive and take great care of us! 

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Re: Wrong zip code on packing reciepts

QVC is a mass worldwide shipper.  I'd assume they know their own zip code.  It may be one assigned to them exclusively since they're such a large shipper.

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