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This morning i placed a order, first time for me does it come in a amazon box?

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No mine did not.

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@goldensrbest @Imaoldhippie 


   I'm a huge Amazon shopper and never heard of Woot.

Just a quick look and it looks like a special deal section on Amazon? 


What have I been missing all these years?

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Woot was sold to Amazon in 2010.

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@goldensrbest Yes, it can. Many of the items on Woot are shipped directly from Amazon.


Some items will come in a plain box or white mailer envelope with Woot as the return address on the label.


I bought a bunch of QVC/Barefoot Dreams stuff on there last week and it all came in plain brown boxes, no logo on the side.


Been a Woot shopper since 2006, they started in 2004.


Amazon bought them in 2010.


Still shop there to this day, but the deals and the fun of the site was so much better before Amazon took over.




The original owner started meh dot com after selling woot.




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I had no idea that such a thing as Woot existed! Lucky me for learning something new today. I just ordered 4 boxes of Peets Dark Roast Sumatra K-Cups for roughly half price. I'm a happy girl! 

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Woot's been around a while now, and I've shopped there fairly frequently. You never know what you'll find. They tend to ship things quicker than they say, which is often a nice surprise. They'll often give you shipping date a week or so later than they actually ship it, and you get it earlier than expected. I recently bought three shirts through Woot that shipped directly from the manufacturer, so you never know what kind of packaging stuff will arrive in. The shirts weren't supposed to ship for around two weeks after I ordered them and I got them in just two or three days after placing the order. Much quicker than expected and they often seem to do that.

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