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I am having a pre - Thanksgiving dinner today. I am having 20 people for a seat down dinner with all the fixings. Table is set with my china and crystal. I am very excited. I think I am ready to go . 

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Sounds to me like no luck is needed, you have it all planned and ready to go! 


Have a wonderful time. Enjoy!

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Good luck! But more importantly, have a great time, and don't stress at this point, about the specifics.


It will be great!

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I'm sure it will be a great time.  🍁🍃🍂

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You don't need luck you just need to remember that it will be a good meal and a lot of fun. If you forget something or if a dish doesn't turn out don't worry about it. No one but you will know what you forgot and there will be enough good food that if one thing isn't no one will care. Just relax and enjoy the moment that all of your hard work has brought you to!