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I'm afraid things are going to get violent over the mask situation where I am. Honestly. One more reason I'm mainly staying home. 

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All I can say is wow.

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If my state would MANDATE mask wearing...I would move out of state.


I pick and choose which store to enter...if they require a mask and I MUST go in there I will comply with the business owner, otherwise I find another place to shop. 

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So if somehow, somewhere, you were exposed, either haven’t gotten any symptoms or are asymptomatic, you are okay with spreading the virus? Thanks.

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I am proudly wearing my camo-patterned fabric mask sewed by a Gold-Star mother.  They were sold by the local Gold-Star mothers group to support military families in need.  Attached to the outer packaging was the hand-written message "Be a patriot, wear this mask to keep Americans safe." 

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Re: Why wear a mask?

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They've been saying that any one of us could be virus carriers, even if we don't have any symptoms.


So, in my area, I prefer everyone to wear masks.


I guess it depends on how close together people live, walk, etc., too.


Maybe in more rural areas, where folks' houses are a good distance away from one another, and not too many people roaming around stores at any given time: less risk.


'I don't know', but I prefer wearing masks.  Even during heavy flu seasons.  

I'm almost sure that there would be less regular flu cases. 

After all, who wants to have the regular flu?  (Let alone this more dangerous virus?)

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Most if not all of us would hate the idea of having to wear a mask for the next year.  But unfortunately,  its something we all should be doing.

I'll bet lipstick sales are way down!

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I'm with @haddon9 on this one.  I totally understand the need for the masks with this virus, pending effective treatment, and/or  immunization. I never leave home without, and just ordered more.


However, I hope it doesn't have to become our norm. For me, they're uncomfortable. Not too bad during cooler weather, but I'm not looking forward to 100 degree temps, with unbearable humidity, with my face covered. 


We have to remember, too, that as long as masks are necessary, we will not be able to go back to any form of our old normal.  Many restrictions will still apply, even if virus cases are down, and controlled.


For me, if masks remain required, it represents the end of our freedom of time's past. Life changing, for all. I think it's what many are afraid of.


I had this mental flash, that if just a few people attending Woodstock, had carried this virus, they could have infected half of the people there. Who knew such a virulent virus would strike us and that large gatherings would become prohibited.  It's a major adjustment.    

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You all do realize that some people with respiratory issues cannot wear masks don't you?  Please don't assume anyone without a mask is simply a rebel out to kill you!

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Yes, that's a good point.  


Wishing them well and safe. 

Any one of us might eventually be in their position.  

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).