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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

My dear dear father taught me how to drive. He also took me to take my test. There were some great suggestions he gave me that I still use today, especially when trying to make a left hand turn at an intersection. I don't know if he was nervous or not, but he never showed impatience with me. 

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

I had a great teacher in my driver's ed class in high school. He was so much fun and I believe was a very good teacher. 


However, my dear grandfather was the one who took me out all the time to practice. He was a little elderly man from Russia who was a born comedian, and he amused me endlessly. He let me drive his car as much as I wanted since he was at our house all the time. 


However, I honestly don't think he was the best driving teacher since he wasn't the best driver either. Plus, he'd never scold me or raise his voice if I did something stupid. I once was practicing parallel parking around the corner from our house, and I got all confused with which way to turn the wheel while in reverse. I wound up driving up the curb in reverse and sitting in the middle of the neighbor's lawn. He was talking quite loud to me in Yiddish and cracking me up. Thankfully the neighbors weren't home because we were like two crazy people hysterical laughing. 


I haven't thought of that experience in years. I feel so good now Heart

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

My best friend taught me how to drive an automatic, and my poor little brother taught me how to drive a standard. I'd never seen anyone so happy to step outside of a car, after my first lesson.😁


A few days later I was a pro, but he and I still enjoy telling that story. He swears my first lesson caused his first grey hair.😂



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