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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

My parents paid for driving lessons.They were concerned that I learn the right way.

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

We had to take classroom driver's ed-free at high school.

We then needed 6 driving lessons from a driving school.


But my Dad was the one who took me out all the time.


I learned "stick" from a boyfriend when I was 16.


I taught DS how to drive both auto and "stick".

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

I took a class in high school but after my learner's permit, my father coached me in driving.  Two memories from that time:


1.  During my first driver's lesson, the instructor (who was nice but a little excitable for a guy teaching driving to teens) asked me to use the turn signal and turn left.  While I was inspecting the car to see where it was (this was my first lesson), he yelled, TUIRN SIGNAL~ TURN SIGNAL!!  I pushed the signal so hard it snapped off.  For the next 5 lessons, he addressed me as "Wonder Woman."


2.  My parents separated during this same time.  My Dad had coached us all after we got the learner's permit, and he used the time to sound me out about how I was doing, but never directly mentioning what was going on.  I still remember how much I appreciated that at the time.  I was a typical teen and did not want to discuss it with anyone at that time, especially people I knew I could hurt so easily.  We had a lot of deep conversations about other things, and I got to know him better than I had.


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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

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Like you, my Dad.  He was always even tempered, quiet, kind, etc.  I too learned to drive on a standard.  I turned 16 and we went out to the street opposite our house.  I was having a hard time grasping the clutch, gas, clutch, gas thing so the car bucked a lot.  He yelled at me.  I knew he was concerned about damage to the car but I was new at it. Finally, I started to cry, put it in park, turned off the ignition, and walked back to the house in tears, leaving him in the car. My Mother asked me what was wrong and I said Dad is yelling at me but I'm new at this!  Her reply:   "now you know why I never learned how to drive!"   I still remember that day, vividley, and I'm 73 now!  Thanks for resurrecting that memory! :heart:



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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

The Catholic girls' high school I attended didn't have Driver's Ed so my mom hired a private driving school.


Worked out great, excellent instructor, I passed my test on the first try.

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

My wonderful patient brother who was five years older than me, taught me to drive a block long 1935 Packard. If a person could drive that, you could drive anything. Took it to school one day in the fifties, and had to go around the block twice  to find a parking spot that would acccomodate its size. Loved that car, perfect for our family of six.


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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

My wonderful, patient Dad taught me how to drive the Summer I was 15.  We used his straight shift, which I loved, and still drive today.


We lived in a small town that had Court House Circle right down town - that’s where the Drivers examiner was.  The circle was two lane, both lanes one-way to the right.  


My Dad called ahead to the Driving Tester and arranged a BIG surprise for me!  The last thing the Examiner had me do was parallel park, on the left side of the road, in other words reverse of what you usually do, in two lanes of on - coming traffic, on a circle, with a straight shift!


Dad and our Minister had taken a Front row seat on the Court House steps to watch!


No idea WHY, but that car slid right in perfectly on the one try I had!! They all gave me a CHEER!


Later I learned that this was not part of the usual exam, I had already done one parallel park, it didn’t really count.  BUT, I did not KNOW that when I was doing it.


Dad ♥️♥️♥️

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

My parents made me take drivers ed in HS, said they did not want to teach me their habits!

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

Drivers Ed and a family friend; I took my driving test in a 1973 Plymouth Fury.  

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Re: Who Taught You How to Drive?

I initially learned how to drive through Driver's Ed. in high school and by my Dad taking me out when I had my permit.


My Dad surprised me when I was staying with him one time when I was 16, by taking me to a driver's facility to take the test. I was about to turn 17, I think.


I told him that I did not feel ready for it, and that I did not feel as though I would pass the driving test. My permit was about to expire.


My parents were divorced, and I was living with my Mom and she didn't drive and we didn't have a car.


I didn't pass the test that time, and then my permit had expired.


I didn't drive again until my husband and I got a car. He took me out and I also had a few lessons with a driving instructor, too.


I also drove on the expressway/freeway with my husband.


After I did that, I felt like I was ready to take the driving test, and I passed it that time.


I have had my license ever since then, and it has been over 31 years now. Smiley Happy