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I had a fun, non credit class, today, at the hospital, where, I’m an RD.


At the end they gave us a sheet with this woman’s picture, and a Who Is She?  


They love to,throw these kind of teasers out, and, they admit she might be someone, who is not in the public eye, no reason, we’d recognize her.  We’ll find out Wednesday!


Other, than, to me, looking like a pretty middle aged woman, she’s not familiar. 


Anybody recognize her? 97E65204-DBAE-424A-BBC8-758076777423.jpeg

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I haven't got a clue.  Hope someone figures it out.

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It. Looks to me like a computer generated composite picture.


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SuhseK:  Don't know why I think this but is it Vicki Lawrence?

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Bette Middler

Joy Behar

Kathy Nijami

  mixed into one

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Re: Who Is She?

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Not her, more than likely, but she looks a little like a younger Charlotte Rae...


Image result for charlotte rae


Image result for charlotte rae

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She's Ms. Average American Woman.

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To me she looks like a young Tori Spelling.

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A woman who went crazy with white eyeshadow or highlighter on her eyes.

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