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Re: Whispers

I rarely watch qvc, but never noticed whispering.  Everything comes out loud and clear.


Loud and clear.


The only whispering we deal with is Paul Giamatti on Billions.  Good grief, he talks like a bunny rabbit.Woman LOL

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Re: Whispers

@Pook wrote:

Now it's whispering - after all the posts about talking being way too loud!!  There is absolutely no way to please everyone!  

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Re: Whispers

@SPURT wrote:

@Happycat01 wrote:

The sound is the same on my tv. Could there be an issue with your tv, or did it get turned down accidentally.




QVC's channels are the only ones I have this issue with, and when I switch to a different channel the volume is full blast....I think its a QVC issue...I called my cable company and everything checked out from their end and a guy came out and checked my TV and cable -- all AOKAY!

Intersting, @SPURT. I guess I don't have that issue. I do have an issue with other channels commercials sounding like they are louder than whatever show we are watching on TV.

QVC needs to look into that. It would get on my nerves.

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Re: Whispers

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I have the same problem.  I have to turn the volume way up.  It's the channel.  And it's worse with certain hosts.  Sandra for instance.  And some of them talk to each other like they're having a private conversation that they don't want anyone else to hear.