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I’m in no hurry for fall. I’ll take every last bit of Summer I can get!!

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It is not fall yet.  It officially arrives on September 23...we have a few more days.


In my lifetime, I have not witnessed a change of seasons on the actual calendar date it arrives.   I don't think the temperature is different this year than it has been in the past. Here in PA, it is usually hot or warm until about the middle,of October.


It seems we wish our lives away.  Enjoy today and pray that tomorrow comes.  It is not promised.


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We now have nine months of summer in Southern California  . Fall breezes in and out as  does Spring  . We  have been in the triple digits for so long . Friday is the last day of Summer and then Saturday first day of Fall and the digits will be in the triple digits . It is only going to get worse . We have no cold days . We wear shorts and tops and sweatshirts  in the AM . Climate change is real  . I have lived here long enough to know the difference  . I have been fortunate and have travel in the USA as well as other countries and know the difference . Looking forward to our short seasonal changes .

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I am not going to complain after the winter we had this year, no power, no heat for days at a time. I am in no rush for summer to be over. It came late too. 

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It is in the mid-90's here right now and the humidity takes the heat index up to 104. We have a lot of tropical air coming up from the gulf from the assorted storms....air you can wear. We attempted a football game Saturday and it was so hot we didn't even stay very long. People were dropping like flies....dangerous heat. I am not very motivated to put my harvest wreath on my front door.....and forget putting out mums yet...I have a croton but not sure what to do with it until the sun stops searing everything. I am in North Texas area. Did I mention I hate summer?


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Our TV meteorologist said that once Hurricane Florence dissipates, the hot and humid weather will move out. I anticipate fall-like weather soon, but unless the mosquitoes die, I'll still stay inside. Right now, they are attacking like rabid dogs.

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I so want Fall right now!  I don't see any signs yet and it's officially here this coming Sunday.  On another note, I've already put out all my Fall decorations.  Fall is my favorite season!

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Here in SC it is HOT, HUMID with another chance of T-storms this evening. I'm over summer, hot weather & Florence!

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I'm in no rush.  Though I do like Fall weather very much.  We're near Pittsburgh, PA.  Today it is only 70.  We have the rains from Florence moving thru.

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@Laura14 wrote:

Same in Georgia.  If I can't put up my lawnmower and weed whacker soon, I will not be responsible for my actions.  Film at 11.

@Laura14   😄😄😄😄👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻