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I've traveled through Wyoming & Montana, & they're beautiful states, but I think I'd choose South Dakota. I've never been there, but it looks like a beautiful state, too, & I'm curious! I'd also love to see Mt. Rushmore.

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A small town in my beautiful East Tennessee or Bryson City, NC.. 

Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me.. Good ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee... Rocky Top Tennessee
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Las Vegas....with unlimited money.

Different luxury hotels, travel to grand Canyon.

I would love it!!!

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Re: Where Would You Move?

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Either Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, where I grew up, or NYC or Boston. Colorado would also be a possibility. I am in a state with a lot of anti-maskers, science deniers, big Covid numbers, and a horrible governor. The goal at some point, is to get away for longer than a year.


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Love the sunshine state!  Lots of freedom here!

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Have you ever noticed there are those like below who give bot-like responses?  Do we have those here?

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I have decided I probably am in just the right place for me right now.

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@KarenQVC wrote:

I have decided I probably am in just the right place for me right now.


@KarenQVC   Isn't that always the way? 


You keep searching for things that you think you want or need and everything was right there with you all along.

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