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If you live near a natural disaster--if a wildfire or flood was nearing your home and you got the notice to pack your bags and get ready to evacuate, what would you take?

Depending on how much time available...I'd first grab my cat, put her in her carrier, and get ready to get her out of the house before anything else along with cat food and many bottles of water so she wouldn't go thirsty

Then I'd pack ALL my underwear. I could walk around for a few days in my clothes even if they got dirty, but I must have clean undies. If for some reason I had to leave them behind, I'd grit my teeth and try not to think about not having cleaning your underwear, but I sure wouldn't like it.

Next: computers. I mentioned to my DH that perhaps if we didn't have enough time we could remove the hard drives instead, but he said that removing one would take way too long.

We have some cash and weapons locked in a safe so we'd go for this too.

So...what would you take? Has anyone been in such a situation? what did you do?

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Hasn't happened to us yet but we live in the mountains and occasionally they are advancing in our direction ( no evacuate notice in 15 years) so we have given some thought.  If we were told to evacuate we would immediately and take the following: file of important papers, jewelry, pets, cash ( in small bills), phones, tablets and family members plus a few clothes.  We would have already gassed up car and we'd be gone.  There are only three ways out of town (2 surrounded by forest)so we'd also consider that and act accordingly.

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@GoneButNotForgotten   There was quite a lengthy thread on this last week with many good  answers.  You might want to check it out.  I think it was called "what would you pack if you only had 15 minutes before evacuation" or something like that. Woman Happy

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A few months ago we had a serious tornado warning for my specific area. It was imminent enough to actually urgently seek shelter.


It was interesting what I grabbed.

  • First the cats.
  • Then my purse.
  • Then my phone.
  • Then important documents.
  • Then DH's medications.
  • Then computers.
  • Then petty cash.
  • Then stuff to manage the cats if we got displaced, like cat carriers and supplies for them.
  • Then a bag to protect the computers and chargers and cords for computers and phones.
  • Then (I feel sort of silly to admit this one) a sofa cushion just in case I needed it to put on top of us for protection.
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Good food for thought. It has to be awful for anyone experiencing those wildfires.

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Grab my medicine, money, phone/charger, some garments, then the pet (if I had one).  I do have one, but I'd grab her only after grabbed essential items I know I would need.  Must have medicine or I'd be no good for anything.  It would likely be in this order too.

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One thing I realized is that it's important to store cat carriers where you can easily get at them. I actually wound up with only one cat carrier with me during the tornado, and both of our cats would have had to temporarily ride around in it, which would have been not good. Our second cat carrier was in the attic because we only take one cat to the vet at a time.

When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.
"Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
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@GoneButNotForgotten    I have been in that situation.  Back in 2011 my town was hit by Hurricane Leo.  I lived near a river and the town told us to evacuate because the river was flooding at an all time high. I had about 1/2 hour to get out.  My little cocker spaniel was sick at the time, but I had to get her in the car.  She was a nervous wreck.  I grabbed her food, a change of clothes, important documents, my I pad, cash and my phone.  Fortunately my daughter was on her honeymoon.  So I went to her house thinking I would only be there a day or two while she was away.   Well that never happened.  I couldn't get back into my town for 10 days.  By the time I got back, the entire basement was filled with water...I lost everything.  Fortunately the water did not get up to the first floor...but the damage was extensive.   
    I was thankful to have somewhere to go, but I will never live near water again.  My dog passed away a few months later ....she was 15...but I know she was traumatized by the event.  Needless to say, if you are in a situation like this, take the things you may need for an extended period of time.  Material things can be replaced, but important documents should be ready to go with you....and of course pets.  
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Re: What would you do?

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All my meds, my life depends on them. My cash stash, as much of my undies as I could, some socks and a few clothing items. Oh and my purse of course!