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Re: What the Bleep?!

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@agb80 wrote:

Do you know yet 'what the bleep' was all about?  Oh and have you won any jackpots lately at your casino? Curious minds want to know.  @Anonymous032819 









No, I still don't know what all of the hullabaloo was about, and I probably never will.


Oh, well.




And I haven't been to any casinos in over a year.




I am trying to avoid as many  places where people gather as I possibly can.



I will go back ..... someday.

@Anonymous032819  when you go back be sure to tell us so we can get a thrill vicariously.

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@Anonymous032819  what interesting dishes have you cooked lately?  *mouth watering*

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@BlueFinch wrote:

The only time this activity makes me nervous, is when I hear siren after siren, with a helicopter circling low over my subdivision. That's never a good sign.  

Ohmygosh, @BlueFinch ... and when that happens here and they make an annoucement from the helicopter it sounds like one of the Peanuts adults talking...all garbled so you have no idea if it is looking for a lost child or elderly person (we have a number of senior care places around us) or a bad guy.