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So I bought a tube of It Cosmetics CC cream from HSN but it turned out to be the wrong shade (my error) so I called HSN, they did an exchange, no problem and it has already been shipped. I repackaged the original CC cream, same brown paper envelope bag and left it for the mail person to return it to HSN. When I got back home the bag was back and they had circled UPS. I then realized I should had sent it back by UPS. The only shipping label that came with the order was a small rectangle label, not the usual large label that fits over the original shipping label(should have been my first clue)


So I take the bag to UPS this morning and they charge me $12.05 to ship it and I said WHAT ?  for this little bag ? so I pay to ship it because HSN has already sent the right tube. I called HSN to complain because their return shipping says $7.95  for packages less than 5 lbs ( this bag was less than 5 lbs) HSN refunded my entire shipping costs !I didn't think there was a return shipping fee for exchanges

Thanks HSN !    

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If you use PayPal as your method of payment then PP will pay for the return shipping. 

To see how that is done search:


Return Shipping On Us PayPal


Be sure to read about their limitations.



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Re: What a Rip Off !

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I had 1 small not very heavy package last year that I had the post office deliver to my in-laws last Christmas.  I know prices have gone up, but it cost almost $25 to ship.  I was shocked too!


I don't purchase too much from HSN, so I don't know if they offer free exchanges like QVC does.  I do remember I returned a home decor item as they sent me the wrong color and they did not give me credit for the s&h.  I called and said it's not my fault HSN sent me the wrong item!  The rep told me that they will reimburse me for the postage; however, in the future I have to call first before returning an item that is defective, wrong item sent, etc.  She said their labels are printed for "regular" returns and do not reimburse for s&h.  If you call first, they can make an adjustment so the label will reimburse s&h.   

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If you have a computer and a printer you can print your own labels on Paypal for a LOT less money.   I stopped using those prepaid labels a long time ago because they are a HUGE rip off.

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Yes, I had an incident with HSN, too.

Challenged the return shipping since it was their error..

And got the return shipping fee refunded.

Don't do much with them anymore..and am careful when 

buying anywhere else on-line.



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@Goodie2shoes ---Used to be---way back in the bright times---that QVC and HSN would give you your choice of who to send returns--UPS or USPS--I have a UPS drop box 5 minutes from where I live but the post office is the opposite end of town--- which is no big deal but I don't own a car anymore and  walk everywhere--which is ok except if the return is big and heavy----


also I have done the very same thing OP did  with returning to the wrong carrier----and called HSN about it--they refunded me the $18 fee as well as their fee for the return----very decent of them---but I don't order anymore from these 2 channels due to all that nonsense and slow shipping and the lengthy return process.

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The cost for shipping anything has increased with no end in sight. I know some think Q now has " free" returns, but know have already paid it in the higher cost of your item.