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Re: What I learned about gifting here

I enjoy reading people's opinions on a variety of different subjects and that's a big reason why I come here.  I buy a gift for someone because I care about them and want to give them a gift and hope that I have chosen something they like.  If it's a person that I know pretty well or am close to, I usually do pretty good at knowing their likes and dislikes.  If I am not as close or they are hard to read or please, then I feel a gift card is a perfect gift.  And I've been told often they they love getting gift cards.  A gift card can be purchased such as a Visa or other ones so a person does not have to go to a particular store.  As for cash, several times I've been told, I don't like getting cash, please don't give it to me, as then I feel like I can't spend it on myself - I feel guilty - or I feel like I should spend it on a bill or something.  But if it's a gift card, then I can freely use it and buy myself something I really want or need.  As for getting a gift and then having them regift it, I figure I have no control over that.  I don't consider it a burden to give others gifts --- I like doing it! 

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Re: What I learned about gifting here

If by "here" you mean QVC, I've learned that people must love receiving flashlights and Bose radios.

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Re: What I learned about gifting here

When thinking about a gift I like to stick with getting something I know the individual wants but wouldn't buy for themselves.  That approach has never failed me.


Because I am on a tight food budget my favorite gift to receive is a gift card from my preferred grocery store.  It allows me to treat myself by getting something I generally consider out of my price range be it a cut of meat or an expensive cheese. 


Second is a general purpose gift card which also allows me to treat myself with an item on my wish list.  Something I want but don't really need.

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Re: What I learned about gifting here

My best friend & I used to give each other gifts for our homes...that's what we liked. Several years ago, when we were both in our 50's, we decided that we had enough "stuff" to dust--plus, both of us were trying to downsize our stuff, not add more to it! So we decided we'd just go somewhere really nice for lunch (or dinner if we included our husbands), and enjoy each other's company. We order what we want, even dessert, which we rarely do any other time, and just have fun.