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I had no other option for the 2 returns I  wanted to make recently.  The UPS store in my area does not have scanning capabilities and said not all do. I would have had to go 50 miles away to make the return OR I could have waited and waited for UPS to show up so they could scan it but couldn't go to the UPS warehouse.  If I just returned it myself - well they said not to as it probably would not have been credited.  In the end Amazon just had my account credited and said I did not have to return the items which was so ridiculous!!  I found out that depending on the vendor the return process is different!  That is the only thing I do not like about Amazon.

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Re: What Does Amazon mean?

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It means you selected the return option that says you don't have a printer instead of printing the return label yourself.  You'll have to box it up and take it and your phone to a UPS office and they'll print your label or call Amazon and have them email you a label.  


I've done this on occasion when my printer wasn't working but prefer not to. I see a UPS truck on my street a lot and he takes them for me.  

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@KimmC wrote:

You do not need to print labels anymore to return.  Amazon will send you an email, you take your phone and item to ups and they will scan the code in the email.  You do not even have to repack the item!  Started a few months ago.  Super easy.

That's exactly how I and my Amazn nut husband do.  We''ve been using our phones.  We go to the local UPS store to do. 

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This is really inconvenient for those who do not have a nearby UPS store.  When I clicked on their option of finding the nearest UPS store, the store is 30 miles away.  I used to just repack the return, put on the label, and drop it off at a store about 2 miles from my home.  This is progress?  Maybe for some but not for others.


When you choose the return option on Amazon's website, you get the OPTION of printing the label, taking the package to UPS and they print the label, or having the package picked up by UPS.   Just pay attention when you are going through the returns process screens.  


Thank you.  My head was spinning after reading all the responses.  I don't know if this helped the OP but it certainly helped me.  Slow carefully...follow directions.  Good advice.


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I follow instruction for returning and have ups pick my package up for retuning they give you an option. You can drop off or have it pick up I choose the latter because off inability to get to the ups center