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Re: What Beautiful Weather !

Enjoy the beautiful weather. Has not stopped raining all weekend and today! Would love to send it to those in need. SFla.

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Re: What Beautiful Weather !

Enjoying beautiful weather here in the Midwest. I've been getting my daily walks in. I do wish it would rain during the night so that I didn't have to water in the morning. The lilacs are gorgeous and everything is so green. 

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Re: What Beautiful Weather !

Don't know what it's like outside because shades are drawn, but I always love a good Troubles of Petunia story. In my experience with tuxedos, they usually have an inscrutable "who me?" expression. They NEVER look guilty. So funny that her wet paws gave her away. If she could talk, she'd probably tell you you had a poltergeist who didn't like cut flowers.

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Re: What Beautiful Weather !

@noodleann  I was more upset that she was on the kitchen table.  She did it a few times when she was 4 months old but we got her to stop.  No cats on any kitchen surface.  Windowsills on the far side of the kitchen only, absolutely no eating/prep areas.


The vase didn't break and the water was a mess but didn't hurt anything.


She is such a pill.

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Re: What Beautiful Weather !

Gorgeous here in Central Florida.

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Re: What Beautiful Weather !

Two hot, humid days but after tomorrow expected to cool down a bit. I am in SE WI near Lake Michigan. Love when we get those NE winds off the lake, especially in the summer. @RetiredLegalSecretary, that little Petunia must be a handful cute. I enjoy your posts!