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Re: Went to Walgreens today, what an adventure !

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The Walgreen's closest to me is pretty good, they used to have THE BEST PHARMACY MANAGER and she got promoted, she had that place running so smoothly.. Now once in awhile there's a few hiccups (no pun intended), but overall Walgreens is pretty good!  The Drug Store and Pharmacy thats the ABSOLUTE WORST is CVS---they messed up so many of my prescriptions, I had to go back several times before it got corrected and this happened masny times ...A friend of mine even got someone else's medication, glad she noticed that before she took it......I switched Pharmacies from CVS....!

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Re: Went to Walgreens today, what an adventure !

Walgreen's is just around the corner from my apt.  I'm usually in there twice a week.


Price-wise - they beat the supermarket on paper goods and household items.  The grocery prices are also lower than the supermarket. 


Between the monthly "senior day" discounts and the points - over the course of a year - quite a savings.   


(I get my shots at the hospital just a couple of blocks away, or at the doc's office.)

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Re: Went to Walgreens today, what an adventure !

My last time in a Walgreens? Think it was in 2009. After my 4+ week hospital stay, a hospital employee gifted me a bowl to take home. She knew I loved oatmeal and gave it to me as a "welcome to go home present".


I liked it so much I asked her where she bought it. Turned out it was a Walgreens, as she too lived in our part of town. Went there and bought 2 more of those bowls. Still use them regularly.


Shots? Only from my doctors from now on, now have way too many underlying/new comorbidities and prescription meds. Had all the other shots I plan on getting except the flu and pneumonia shots.


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