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Has anyone ever tried Herbal Essence cleansing conditioner or any other drugstore cleansing conditioners and did you like them at all, or as much as Wen?

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@brancare wrote:

(1) anyone ever tried Herbal Essence cleansing conditioner or any other drugstore cleansing conditioners (2) and did you like them at all, or (3) as much as Wen?



If you have a problem with your hair and would like suggestions from WENners you'll no doubt get more help if you give a little bit more information.


Otherwise ~  (1) Yes I have , (2) NO not at all, and (3)  No, nothing ever made my hair as great as WEN! 

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I have not tried Herbal Essence but I did try Hair One and Loreal has a line as well just to see if the concept of cleansing conditioner made sense for me before I invested in something like Wen.  


Hair One definitely made a difference and I think Loreal made a bigger one but I have to say I don't regret finally taking the plunge and trying Wen itself.


I have never looked back and a year and a half later I actually did my first stock up with the Saturday tsv.   I have some of the best hair of my life going on right now as I really learned how to take care of my curls finally and I'm not a girly girl.  It's really been worth it for me.  

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I have a ton of WEN from TSVs and gallons, so I haven't seen a need to buy or try anything else.


Why don't you try it and decide if you like it? If you're not a WEN user and you try it and like it, great, you'll have a product you like at drugstore prices. Ditto if you are a WEN user. And if you don't like it, end of experiment or try something new.


Before I started using WEN, I stopped using shampoo and used Suave conditioner to wash my hair. It worked well to get my hair clean, but I needed to use another condition to actually condition my hair and leave it soft and tangle free because the Suave conditioner was so light. I'm saying all of this because only you can decide what works best on your hair. I could tell you that the drugstore conditioning cleanser is terrible because it doesn't work for me, but it might be great for you. Likewise, I could tell you it's awesome and it might be a disaster for you.


If you want to know how well it works, go buy some and try it. It's a low-risk investment.



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I have used Wen for 10 years.  I did recently (within the last month) get the Herbal Essences one to try, because with my long hair, my daughters VERY long hair, and my husband also using Wen, it's getting expensive.  I hated the Herbal Essences.  I used it with an open mind, but my hair looked flat and greasy.  My daughter's hair was tangly, greasy and had no shine with it.  That one is nowhere NEAR as good as Wen.  


I have been looking for the Loreal one, but have not seen it.

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I have the Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner. I haven't tried it "alone", but I do add a couple of pumps to my Wen just to stretch the Wen a little. The most I've ever used is half HE/half WEN, only once in a great while.


It doesn't seem to make any difference, except to make the Wen last a little longer! I'm so happy with my Wen hair that I will use it as long as I can afford it. 


ETA: I tried one of the L'Oreal CC's--think it was Evercreme--and it smelled so horrible that I couldn't even use it to shave my legs! The Herbal Essences has a nice, light scent to me...a little minty.

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@Mom2Ro  It was over a year ago but the Loreal version I used was called Evercurl and I think the bottle was blue.  It's a small bottle and I have long hair too so I went through it quickly but it was fairly cheap and there were lots of coupons around at the time.  

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Sauve make a gold line that is really good.........I'm a Wen gal, but I will mix it up once or twice a month with the Sauve gold line...........................raven

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I tried the L'Oreal one before I tried Wen. The thing is this, Wen is a patented product, as such none of these other cleansing conditioners has the same formula as Wen. Personally I really didn't like the L'Oreal one. 

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