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Something besides carrots had their attention...



But then...






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Aww! NothHearting wins over a visit from Mama WickSmiley Happy!

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Let's pay attention to the food, it looks good and we're hungry.  Besides turning our backs to the camera isn't very polite!!!!!!! 

Thanks for my daily ahhh and smile, Mama Wick!

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@MamaWick  I have to tell you once again, the pictures you post of your deer family, make my day. Every day!❤️🦌

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They must have sensed you wanted their undivided attention ---

Umm, so when do you think you & your DH will start building them their own barn/ guest house?  Woman LOL

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@MamaWick   Maybe they heard the call of one of the handsome bucks, or perhaps they were making sure that the deer in the woods were keeping the 6 ' social distance.  

Anyhoo, thanks again for sharing.  I look forward to seeing your beautiful pictures.



Woofs and gentle hugs to Cricket.  

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@MamaWick    I too think they heard something that drew their attention away from the food.  I just love looking at them and wish I could see them in person. Heart

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I'd say the ladies were watching for that one handsome buck that was supposed to stop in.  Once he didn't show up they did like most young girls and had a group picture!  Then it  was time for a bite to eat and gossip.  Smiley HappyHeart

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Re: Well now...

[ Edited ]

Perhaps they were indeed distracted by a chance for romance with a handsome Buck.....but it looks like the lure of your CARROTS won out...FOOD OVER ROMANCE

🦌🥕 😊

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Thank you for the Aha moment today.