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Hello, I need some advice. I know next-to-nothing about cats, except what I've read online recently, so please bear with me.

A young-looking cat has been showing up in the mornings and night. Where it goes during the day is a mystery. She is very sweet, friendly - obviously used to humans. The first night I noticed her tummy looked full. A few nights later, she was dramatically heavier, and seemed lethargic. (It has been over 100*). From searches, I figured pregnant or worms. We never fed it.

Two days days later she showed up, slim and trim, perky and hungry. I finally got a glimpse of her belly this morning, and she has had kittens.

My original plan was to get her in a pet carrier (which she's not interested in), to see a vet, but I'm worried about the new kitties.

The other thing is at least 3 different cats are showing up at night lately when we are outside with "Kitty". She seems either afraid of them, or aggressively rushes towards them. These other cats will just sit and stare from a distance.

We can't bring her in the house, but I want to help her. She's a real sweetheart.