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Our beloved 11 year old Wally (cat) who is a beauty of all black fur is very ill tonight.

Early this AM my DH woke me while he was getting ready for work to say our Wally hadn't moved from our family room couch since the night before. He growled at my DH (very unusual for him to do this).

We immediately took him to the vets when they opened this AM. After answering the vet's questions as our kitty has never been sick-we had to get to what is going on. He hasn't eaten since at least Tuesday eve? His temp is only a few degrees above normal. The vet ran an x-ray of his entire body (only thing is the tummy area is very sensitive) but everything else looked normal. WE aren't sure if he might have swallowed one of my Harvest decor wreath etc. of has cancer or pancreatitis.

We we are waiting till today Thurs. for results of his blood work-this all came to $591.00 and my dear baby is still not well.

We cannot afford to go much higher in bills for the vet. We are hoping this will pass and he will feel much better by morning.

I have owned him since my parents passed in 2005 & 2006-they got him as a baby kitten.

This cat always comes to my bed to say goodnight and lies down on my chest to get petted and purrs and then goes to sleep on top of my TV with his little quilt. He means so much to us.

Like I said DH & I a praying for a miracle overnight.