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For the first time ever my husband and I have been invited to my brother and sister-in-laws house, about 8 hours from my house, in probably one of the most expensive suburbs in the country. They always come to my mother's house, but now that she is gone they come to ours for Christmas.

Here's the situation. My sister-in-law is either in sweat pants or work clothes and is really nobody to be telling anyone else how to dress. Whenever we are together it is ulta casual and my husband is in a tee shirt and those Eastern Mountain Sports hiking zip off pants with all the pockets. He doesn't wear jeans. He has a passion for hiking and he's pretty much outfitted in casual attire from EMS or REI on his down time. Not cheap stuff.

On the rare times when we have been together to "dress up" we've always dressed appropriately, and my sister-in-law is certainly no fashion plate and is usually the one who wears a long tee and what barely passes for sweat pants. She has zero interest in clothes, makeup, purses, and style, which is fine.

However, we are going to a restaurant in their town Friday night and she told me it was casual, and we should wear jeans, not a camping shirt and hiking pants with the pockets.{#emotions_dlg.scared} I have to say I was speechless. Believe it or not we actually have eaten in a restaurant before and know how to dress appropriately. And this is not a restaurant I would wear jeans too. But she would, so ok, fine. All she had to do was say it was casual, we do know what that means.

It's the first time I've gone somewhere, where I've been told specifically what not to wear. My husband never would have dressed like that to go to a restaurant other than McDonalds. He's a licensed professional with a college degree and runs his own business and is a two time president of Rotary, so we do know how to act and dress in social situations, but my brother and sister-in-law are two of the biggest snobs ever. It's where you live, what you drive, where you went to school, but interestingly enough fashion is at the bottom of their list and is actually frowned upon.

It's funny because I am always dressed better than she is and have much better manners too. There is always a lot of whispering between them and she rolls her eyes a lot and watches everything like a hawk and is so nosey.

I have to go for the weekend because it's a special event at my little nephew's school. I always dread spending time with them, and I can't believe we're not even there yet and it's started.

Sorry, just need to vent and my mom, who was hurt many times by their rude behavior, is gone, so I don't have anyone to vent to. And so as not to ruin the weekend, I'm going to rise above it and just consider the souce.