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If I got this straight. For 98.00 will one up Amazon and be free shipping on ANYTHING no 35.00 minimum purchase. Amazon is 129.


I can't find Jergens Body Butter in rose scent locally would cost me 6 to buy and 6 to ship, so, if I ordered lots every yr. this would be OK.



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For now I will stick with prime.  I figure the free kindle books I get, music and prime video more than pays for my service.

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My only Walmart shopping has been since Covid and that's groceries because they are the only place in town that does pickup or delivery.  Small town blues!  


When we go in to Oklahoma City we load up on produce and meat and 365 products at Whole Foods.

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Go to amazon and read the repeat order prices. It might be cheaper (over time)  to join amazon.

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Like kitty60 said you get a lot more with Prime.  Not to mention a lot more products on Amazon than at WM.

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I've been a member of Prime for several years now.  I've never had a minimum order requirement.  In fact, the other day I ordered something that was $1.99.  It was free shipping, as always with Prime.  I'll stick with least for now.  I can find virtually anything I want on Amazon!

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Interesting so the Amazon Prime Price went from $119 to $129---to me its not worth it, I wouldnt use their Prime "extras" --streaming and music service, so one would have to make 10-20 purchases a year to make Prime Worth thanks!  


And from an Amazon Exec's mouth to your ears---he admitted Amazon doesnt always have the lowest price and they count on Prime Members and other customers thinking Amazon always has the lowest price ....comparison shop folks!


Sorry Im not an Amazon fan....and Ive gotten orders just as fast from Target, Walmart, and Ebay with no membership.....Im doing fine without Amazon....



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I use both and it works for me,

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Sure is worth it to me, if you don't want it ,then that is fine.

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I'm another one that likes Prime better.  I LOVE Prime Music and being able to set up multiple playlists and listen to them in the house, outside or in my car.  Almost everything I've searched for I've been able to find.  We have hundreds of songs on our playlists.  I also enjoy the free Kindle book each month along with some of the tv shows.


The subscribe and save is great also.  We have a lot of things that we buy regularly from coffee beans to dog stuff to vitamins to skin care and I love having it delivered automatically on the schedule I've set along with getting up to 20% off each delivery.


That being said, I always make sure to check out the seller and the price before I buy anything.  Some of the prices are outrageous.  I also am hesitant to buy high end makeup/skincare as I know there have been problems with fakes.