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How is Virginia beach for vaca in May,like this week? Any info is appreciated

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In my experience, if you go much further than NC beaches, the water is much colder.  Even in late June, I have found Virginia Beach to be cold.

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Thank you for responding. 

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 It's been very crowded, the boardwalks are congested. It's, cold this week, windy.

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I have walked  on the beach there this time of year and it was a bit windy and there was a chill in the air. Still a beautiful place to visit. I stayed at the Oceanaire Resort Hotel

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I lived in Virginia Beach for 20 years and we only went to the beach to eat at the restaurants once in a while.  We always went on vacation to the Outer Banks, NC.

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If you like to ride bicycles, VA Beach has a wonderful bike path right at the ocean (not where people walk which is wonderful).   The "main shopping" is one street back so you cannot view the ocean while shopping (as in Ocean City MD).   


From PA it does not take a long time to get there...those 10 hr. trips to the Carolinas were too far for me.